Fire To Flourish Cultural Tent

Fire To Flourish Cultural Tent

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

‘Fire to Flourish is a five-year collaborative program to advance community-led disaster recovery and long-term resilience.  Working at the intersection of community development and disaster resilience, we partner with communities to co-create the foundations for a thriving future’

All the activities encompass the Gumbaynggirr cultural in this area and showcase the rich culture to the guests participating. 

Welcome To Country & Smoking Ceremony

Welcome to Country, Smoking Ceremony & Dance by Giingan Gumbaynggirr Dance Crew  by BMNAC.

One Mob Live Broadcast

OneMob Radio is a first nations media platform located in Coffs Harbour, NSW (Gumbaynggirr Country).They are a 24 Hour, 7 Days a Week Webcasting Radio Station and Information Hub showcasing a very strong and connected community but also keeping our local community up to date with current news, events and programs whilst also supporting and promote local Aboriginal artists, music and entertainment. Their Radio Platform is about celebrating first nations people, stories, achievements and culture.

Come say hi to Lachlan & the team as the broadcast LIVE from the Fire to Flourish Cultural Tent. Check our their merchandise on display and hear the amazing story on how ONE MOB came about.

Contemporary Aboriginal Art with Tulli Stevens

12:00 PM | $15

Join contemporary aboriginal artist, Tulli Stevens, who will guide you artistically through your own inspiring journey using diverse techniques, combining traditional symbols in a contemporary form using paint and posca on canvas ready to take home, frame and hang.



Group drumming for everyone!

1:30 PM | Cultural Tent | Cost: $15 | Only 20 places available

The Glenreagh Timber Festival is hosting a drumming session with Kaya Boom from The Rhythm Realm.

No prior knowledge is required, all equipment is provided. Come and play some easy, groovy beats and tap into the high vibes.

Explore global percussion in a relaxed and fun environment suitable for the whole family.

From the earliest of ages Kaya was called to play rhythms. Beginning on the piano and didgeridoo,

Kaya had the good fortune growing up in a household rich in creativity and full of instruments.

His passion has taken him on a lifelong journey into the ‘way of the drum’, exploring themes of intention, tension and integrity.

All you need to bring is your sense of fun and groove!

Basket Weaving Workshop

Our basket weaving workshop is a hands-on learning experience where participants can explore and practice the traditional art of basket weaving. Basket weaving has been an integral part of many cultures around the world for centuries, serving both functional and artistic purposes.

During the workshop, participants can create their own baskets using the techniques they've learned. They learn how to select and prepare materials such as reeds, grasses, or other plant fibers commonly used in basket weaving. They are guided through the steps of weaving, shaping, and finishing their baskets.

Jewellery Making Workshop

Indigenous jewellery making refers to the art and craft of creating jewelry using traditional techniques and materials that are specific to indigenous cultures. Jewelry holds great cultural and symbolic significance in many indigenous communities, often reflecting their spiritual beliefs, social status, and cultural identity. The workshops often provide a space for cultural exchange and connection, allowing participants to engage with indigenous artisans or community members who are experts in jewellery making. They can learn directly from these artisans, observing their techniques, and practicing under their guidance.

Kokedama Workshop

A Kokedama workshop is a creative and hands-on session where participants learn the art of creating and caring for Kokedama, a traditional Japanese form of plant arrangement. Kokedama translates to "moss ball" in Japanese, and it involves wrapping plant roots in a ball of soil, moss, and string, creating a self-contained and visually appealing plant display. During the workshop, participants are guided through the step-by-step process of making their own Kokedama. They learn how to select suitable plants, prepare the soil mixture, wrap and shape the roots, and cover the ball with moss. They also learn different techniques for securing and decorating the Kokedama with string or twine.

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